My Fatima – Spoken Word (written for my daughter during pregnancy)

I never knew real love till now

a sacred seed, planted deep within

a piece of me, a part of him

and blessed from the hands

that made us both

My Fatima

I’ve waited all my life for you

with light you come, our precious pearl

a blended heart from two different worlds

you were written by the One

who gave our love

My Fatima

I dream the sweetest dreams of you

your life it beats, so soft inside

and not yet here, you’ve made my life

because of you

I love him more

My Fatima

I’ll give you every part of me and more

and he will love you to your core

his words, my tune, the song is yours

enti hiya hiyati

my life

My Fatima

And as you grow we’ll hold your hand

wherever you decide to be

from English rose, to fathers land

nour ayniya

light of my eyes

My Fatima

Precious footprints in my heart

my gift from God, till we must part

whoever you turn out to be

you are forever a part of me

as you grow, so do I

but I will miss these days gone by

nine months of love

its just begun

My Fatima

My precious one

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